Project Team

Principal Investigators

Dr. Matthias Barth
Professor of Education for Sustainability (LUL)
Matthias Barth is a Professor of Education for Sustainable Development at Leuphana University of Lüneburg in Germany since 2014. His strong passion is on research and teaching for Sustainability with an emphasis on competence development, innovative learning settings and curriculum change.

Dr. Arnim Wiek
Associate Professor of Sustainability (ASU)
Arnim Wiek is an Associate Professor in the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University and the head of the Sustainability Transition and Intervention Research Lab. His research group conducts Sustainability research on emerging technologies, urban development, resource governance, climate change, and public health in USA, Canada, different European countries, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Dr. Daniel J. Lang
Professor of Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research (LUL)
Prof Daniel Lang has been professor of transdisciplinary Sustainability research at Leuphana University Lüneburg since 2010. His research interests include the development of the theoretical, methodological as well as procedural foundations of Sustainability science and the cooperation and mutual learning between different scientific disciplines and between science and society.

Dr. Jantje Halberstadt
Professor of Social Entrepreneuership (LUL)
Jantje Halberstadt is a Junior Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Leuphana University of Luneburg in Germanz since 2014. Her research interests lie in the area of management and entrepreneurship with special attention to areas of social entrepreneurship, Ecopreneurship and Female Entrepreneurship.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Aaron Redman
Aaron Redman has worked on extensively on Sustainability in Higher Education at Arizona State University, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and now as part of the EFCA project at Leuphana. His research interests include educating for Sustainability, behavior change, and Sustainability in low-income contexts.
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Jana Timm
Jana is currently finishing her PhD looking at a range of biographical learning and entrepreneurship in the context of higher education for sustainable development.

PhD Researchers

Jodie Birdman
Jodie Birdman holds an MA in international studies in education from the University of Iceland and has worked in education in both her home city of Las Vegas and in Hamburg Germany. Her research interests include curriculum design for student empowerment, sustainability in education, and transformational education.

Jan-Ole Brandt
Jan-Ole Brandt has a BA in Sociology and Intercultural Business Communication and a MSc degree in Sustainable Development with a special focus on Sustainability in Higher Education. Previously, he has worked as a course coordinator at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) at Uppsala University. His main research interests are competence development in teacher education, sustainability entrepreneurship and intercultural encounters.
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Theres Konrad
Theres Konrad has her background in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the Universities of Vienna and Lille and found a unification of her interests in the International Master Programme Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES) at Lund University, from where she graduated 2015. Within the EFCA project her focus lies on the processes of competence development in innovative teaching and learning settings of sustainability science programmes.

Marie Weiß
Marie Weiß holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and an M.Sc. in Sustainability Sciences, whereby she gained experience in different fields of sustainability science, and especially on sustainability communication, sustainable consumption and transdisciplinary research. Her main research interests lie in behavior change and understanding factors which drive or hinder people to live sustainably. Within the project she is looking at drivers and barriers for sustainability curriculum change.