Statussymposium: Science for Sustainable Development

On January 23 and 24th in snowy Hannover, principal investigator Dr. Matthias Barth and post-doctoral researcher Aaron Redman joined researchers, students and members of the public to share results and experiences of sustainability research projects supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and the state government of Lower Saxony. More information about the symposium; including the full program can be found here. The ”Science for sustainable development” fund is supporting fifteen different research projects covering a wide range of topics and diverse methodological approaches. Along with other principal investigators Dr. Barth gave a talk laying out Educating Future Change Agents project as it is planned and so far implemented (see here for a project overview).

The project also shared a poster, “Generalizing from single case studies: Insights in higher education for sustainable development” which focused on the methodological challenges of this project and our strategies for overcoming them (see the graphics below). The poster is available here for download.

All in all it was exciting to be joining such an ambitious group of scientists and important sustainability research projects.

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