Introducing: Aaron Redman

I joined Leuphana University in September 2016 as part of the Educating Future Change Agents (EFCA) project. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. You’ll hear from the rest of the team in the coming months, don’t you worry.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I grew up a couple blocks from one of the partner universities for EFCA, Arizona State (ASU).
  • I dreamed of being an astronaut up until I was…in college.
  • While in Peace Corps El Salvador I ate raccoon, squirrel and iguana while also discovering that the work of creating a sustainable world was my calling.
  • I co-founded a small business which produced a re-usable produce bag called, FAVE Bags with an innovative production system which enabled over 20 poor rural women in El Salvador to work out of their homes earning money to support their families.
  • I was awarded a research grant based on a proposal I co-wrote entirely in Spanish (while getting no traction with the proposal I had been brought on in part to write).
  • I initially wooed my wife with talk of worm composting and kept her by my side by raising chickens together—sustainability isn’t just a field of study, it is a life.
I am most proud of:

  • My sustainability superstar wife Erin Redman and increasingly our two year old daughter.
  • The scholarship fund I helped to get started and continue to raise funds for, which is successfully graduating poor, rural El Salvadoran youths from university.
  • A master’s thesis on the adoption of improved cookstoves.
  • Bringing sustainability to a whole new audience in Mexico.
  • Launching a website to share blog posts focused on bridging the gap between academia and the public in discussions of Sustainability solutions and how we can achieve them.
But the best is yet to come as part of the Educating Future Change Agents Team!

You can reach me at redman[at] or aaron.redman[at]

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Aaron Redman has worked on extensively on Sustainability in Higher Education at Arizona State University, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and now as part of the Educating Future Change Agents project at Leuphana University and ASU. He is working on his PhD from the School of Sustainability at ASU and his research interests include educating for Sustainability, behavior change, and Sustainability in low-income contexts.

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