Introducing: Theres Konrad

I joined Leuphana University and the EFCA project in October 2016 as a PhD research student. My academic life brought me from Austria to France, from Sweden to Argentina and now to Germany and the US.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I am a passionate dancer. Currently Tango, Lindy Hop & Electro Swing are favorites, but Salsa is also always a go 😉
  • I am a fresh-air-fanatic. There is no being outside too much.
  • Since the age of maybe 12, I have been making jewelry ( but now as the weather is getting better spring asks me to put some seeds in the soil. That´s why you might meet me in our shared garden.
  • Despite growing up in the countryside, my first real hands-on farm-experience was while working on my Master’s thesis as a volunteer at a biodynamic community-supported farm in El Bolsón, Argentina.
  • The year after finishing my Master’s and before starting this PhD I learned a lot about myself thanks to an Erasmus+ project called “the heArt of change,” cycled from Copenhagen to Paris for the COP 21, moved once more to another country, started to learn a new language, discovered my passion for chess and got more comfortable on a long board.
Among my friends I am known as an idealist and dreamer, but also as a do-er. Before moving to Sweden my mum asked me to get a bit calmer. I ended up being in the board of two local NGOs–which was probably not what she meant! Perhaps Lüneburg, where I currently realize the dream of living in a community, provides the ground of getting “calmer” and more settled – but there are still plenty of ideas that await realization!

Some see me as a wandering proverb-collection, others as a communicative carrot. An idea that evolved over the last years is now taking shape in the form of a blog:

You can reach me at konrad[at] if you have questions, ideas, proverbs – and, as this is the EFCA blog – professional input. Very much appreciated!